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March 16
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Mike didn't really play video games. Well, put minecraft in front of him and he'll play it until the sun comes up, but aside from that he didn't play many games. His girlfriend on the other hand, Anna, was a big time gamer. Big timer gamer has come to mean many things over the years, but lets just say no ones survived longer in dead rising then Anna (fuck that achievement). Once she found a game series, she didn't stop until the series was finished. Mike has gone to great lengths to keep Bethesda games away from her. So one day, as Mike was finishing was finishing his twenty fifth castle with a moat, torture room and kitchen, he looked up as his girlfriend walked in, carrying a large bag full of games.
“What do you have there?” He asked jokingly.
“Well, the resident evil games were on sale and I couldn't pass up the opportunity...”

Mike groaned. He wouldn't be seeing his girlfriend for a while. And he didn't. For several weeks the only sign that his girlfriend was still alive was missing food. His girlfriend had always been hot, no doubt. But she had always been interested by the supernatural, and over the years had bought many stupid things. One of which was supposedly a spell casting table. It had never worked, no matter what she did. Supposedly she would buy games, out a spell on them and sell them. Mike had seen her do this, not that it ever amounted to anything. However the guy who had lived across the street from them (Seb, was it?) had seemed to had moved out, a particularly attractive girl moving in his place. Meanwhile, Mike one day decided to see his girlfriend.

Boldly opening his door, Mikes determination was immediately met with shock as he saw his girlfriend floating in mid air.
“What the hell..”
“Mike! I think I got something wrong!”
“I'll say. What did yo-”
Mike was cut of as his girlfriend began to change. Her hair grew short. Her face changed. Her body became stronger and more masculine. Her breasts disappeared. Soon, Anna was now Leon, from resident evil. The new 'man' looked shocked for a second, before falling to the ground. Getting up slowly, he exclaimed:
“I never meant for this to happen! But that means...”
He looked at Mike.
“Uh Mike? Your hair's longer.”
Mike hadn't even realised the blonde hair dangling in front of his vision. As he went to move it, he had misjudged the reach slightly. When he saw his hand, he found out why. His hand was dainty, and smaller. His entire arm seemed smaller. And so did his other arm. He looked down, just in time to see his body reshaping itself, his waist pushing in, his hips pushing out. As his body acquired this feminine posture, his legs also became thinner, his feet shrinking. Before he could move to feel his new body, three odd things happened. First, he sight blurred a little, and soon he realised his face was much different then it was before. Next, a pain in his crotch forced him to out a hand to it, only to feel no bulge like there had been before. The worst was yet to happen though. As he watched, two blobs of flesh began to push out of his chest. As he moved to feel it, he felt extreme sensitivity as his new breasts formed. They grew to about a C cup, before sitting on his chest. The transformation complete, the couple could only stand stunned for a few seconds. Mike was the first to break it. Running from the room, the new girl went to find a mirror. She eventually did, and said loudly:
“Anna! I think it's time to lay of the spells. And the games.”
This was the start of a new adventure for both of them.
The dragonking100 asked for this one. Sorry if its not up to my usual standard, I was tired when writing this.
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JanusDaGuardian42 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This was a pretty cute TG. It feels a bit rushed, and there's a few mistakes here and there, but it's not bad.  
JanusDaGuardian42 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
When it comes to the costumes, I think I like Ashley best in her Pop-star outfit. XD 
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice job.
theDragonKing100 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
It came out great
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